There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

What does the eeWater and eeCard actually do?

The combination of the eeWater and eeCard introduces specific balancing information needed for the immune system to address the stressors and imbalances within the bio-energetic fields of the body. The balancing remedy (isotonic water) is the primary carrier of the scalar wave information being introduced to the body since we are made up of at least 70% water. The eeCard costs $50.00 and is specifically designed to neutralize and protect our bio-energetic fields from disharmonic frequencies including electrosmog, geopathic stress and radiation stemming from environmental influences. Both are optimal for stabilizing and balancing the bio-energetic fields of your body from the environment. Type your paragraph here.

How does the Cyberscan address physical issues?

The Cyberscan addresses them from a multi-layered approach: energetic, mental, emotional and physical. In order to affect the physical aspect of a cell, you must first address the morphogenetic field surrounding the cell. In order to re-pattern and reprogram the morphogenetic field surrounding a cell, organ, functional system or body, the energetic-mental-emotional-physical components must be addressed simultaneously. Typically we start with 6 sessions to begin to balance your body, they can be either 1-2 weeks apart you only have to be seen once or a hair sample can be used for those who do not live in NYC area. The fee for this service is $2100.00 and includes an EEcard which is updated after every six sessions.

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Cyberscan Biofeedback $350/ visit - ​The CyberScan Professional is a cybernetic biofeedback device that a licensed  practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient's autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient's cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation and various other prescription uses, such as stress relief and potential improvement of the immune system. Patients and practitioners using CyberScan frequencies have reported benefits on all levels of well-being: physical, emotional, and mental.

The goal of CyberScan's physiological balancing treatment in using focused electromagnetic (EM) waves is to stimulate improvement of systemic functions as well as improving stress tolerance levels. The CyberScan Professional Biofeedback System helps manage and retrain stress patterns, educates clients on crucial information about stress, and empowers them to make lifestyle changes to support overall health and well-being.

​*Cyberscan is not a diagnostic tool. It is not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure Disease or Illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,  in any way, as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment.

PL2 Laser is an amazing instrument bringing us into the next generation of cold lasers. Pre programed with many protocols to utilize the benefits of lasers to strengthen our cells and bodies.

Cyberscan Biofeedback  is an advanced biofeedback device made 100% in Germany utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary biocybernetic technology based upon the works of experimental physicist Nikola Tesla and P.E.A.R. (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research). The Cyberscan quickly scans the morphogenetic energy fields of a person, determines where the stressors are and creates a 100% natural solution that communicates with the immune system to detect and address those imbalances. ​

Bionetic testing Services $200/ visit– As a Certified Spectrovision and Bioveda Physician, Dr. Vastola is able to utilize a combination of multi-channel biofeedback and cold laser therapy. We have many programs (such as, Lose It, Just Stop and End Sensitivity) designed specifically for your wellbeing and to address unresolved stress.