There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

*Dr. Vastola sees patients on SKYPE and  Facetime by appointment only. 

Initial Consultation: $350.00/hr includes review of all blood work and other tests.

​Follow up visits are $100.00/ 20 minutes.

"Inspiring patients to transform their health, and begin a path to wellness." - Dr. Vastola

Louis Vastola, DPSc,D.C.
The Healing Center
200 W57th St. Suite 807
New York NY 10019

Hours in Manhattan:

Mon-Tues-Wed: 11AM-5PM

The Healing Center

​Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, ​Alternative Healthcare in NYC

200 West 57th St Suite 807 NY, NY 10019


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