There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

  • Weight Loss

  • More Energy 

  • Better Sleep

  • Less Anger

  •  Inner Peace 

  • Strong Self Image

  • Confidence

  • Clear Thinking 

  • Loving Work

  • Amazing Relationships

  • ​Controlling Stress


As the director of Seven Pillars of Wellness alternative healthcare I encourage each of you to develop your own plan for health and well being. People that I see have not done this and are sick, scared and hopeless. Start your  path to Wellness with alternative healthcare in New York, because prevention really is the best medicine.



From children to adults we all need a sensible plan.

 You will have to learn to live with it.

Alternative Healthcare in New York

"Inspiring patients to transform their health, and begin a path to wellness." - Dr. Vastola

Louis Vastola, DPSc,D.C.
The Healing Center
200 W57th St. Suite 807
New York NY 10019

Have you been looking for a way to get off the endless treadmill of treating symptoms and chronic disease?  

Are you here because of a chronic illness, or you were told you would just have to live with your condition? 

  • Vitamin and Supplement confusion
  • When to start a Detox program
  • Relieving spousal stress
  • Finding your purpose and having the courage to follow your dreams.

These words motivated me to find my own cure, maybe you feel

the same way. 

I was not pleased with where my medical doctor wanted to take me, fortunately I had studied alternative and complimentary care. I searched for physicians who embraced integrative methods. Today I share what I learned and do the same for those who visit me.

Utilizing seven basic steps I analyze your current state of health and work to support your body in it's effort to restore natural health in the gentlest way possible.