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The electromagnetic field is just starting to receive necessary attention because of the impact it has on our bodies. We are now aware that when we enter a hospital, we are asked to turn off our cell phones. This is because they are constantly sending out microwave radiation, which interferes with the machines in the patients’ rooms and alters their vital

If electromagnetic waves can cause false readings on these pieces of equipment, just think what they may be doing to you! Our bodies operate on delicate electric signals, which can be altered or interfered with by such devices. We live with and encounter countless forms of electromagnetic waves, including: cell phone towers, satellite GPS, wireless devices at home (modems, computers, internet, telephones and stereo equipment), wires in your walls, alarm clocks next to your head at night and many more. 

We now live in an EMF fog, which can further stress an individual who is less than healthy. It creates a drain on our bodies own electrical system, and as it drops so does your ability to produce healthy cells. If the process continues organs or systems become weak, disorganized and diseased. Treating your symptoms, which are just your bodies signal that something is wrong, only gives temporary help while allowing your body to degenerate further. Definitely not a method of creating health and wellness.

None of these forces were present one hundred years ago. There are now studies going on looking into the increase in brain and other cancer from cell phones. 

With all of this EMF going on, the 7 Pillars of Wellness makes this an integral part of your program because leaving it out would suspend the effectiveness of every other wellness technique you apply to your life.