There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

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Emotional stress is important for more than psychological health. Stress can affect immune functioning, inflammation, and even hormonal balance. Emotions are a vibration which may be good, harmonious and healthy or negative, disharmonious and destructive. When you get stuck or trapped in a negative emotion over time your physical body suffers. Studies have shown that stress can reduce the natural function of the cells that attack foreign invaders including viruses, bacteria and fungi. These cells also patrol the body as the first line of defense against the development of cancer, so it is imperative that we increase their functionality. Stress also increases our levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone which when chronically elevated, can paralyze our immune system and lead to osteoporosis, weight gain, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer. By burying your feelings, stress becomes internalized, and then those negative emotions that were stuffed down create a toxic state within your body attaching to an organ, causing it to become weak and eventually leading to disease. If you are bitter about someone or something, expect that sooner or later, your gallbladder will be damaged and eventually removed. Feelings buried alive never die, and if left unresolved these emotional cysts rob vital energy needed for your health. Ultimately, it is not stress itself, but HOW WE RESPOND TO IT, which determines its physiological effects on the body. In 7 Pillars of Wellness, you will learn how to respond in a way that maintains optimal health.