There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

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Seven Pillars of Wellness nutrition for health program

Seven Pillars of Wellness Nutrition For Health


The foods we eat play a  role in our overall health, and what you absorb is the critical key to our health. Our bodies need a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats every day, and they should be of the highest quality you can buy. Organic, locally grown, home grown or sprouted will give you the best nutritional value because these foods provide the building blocks for new cells and they remove waste from your body.  Learning what foods you should personally stay away from and which foods you should add or increase is an important benefit of this program. Depending on your blood type, genetics, level of health and goals, a diet plan is recommended to address the phase of healing you are in.

Digestion is looked at closely because of the important role our digestive track plays in your immunity, emotional health and because of all the challenges placed on it by our society today. 

Stress, drugs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine, and bromine all cause a disruption to the normal function of this system. When this happens, the hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes in our bodies are reduced or lost, which is your first line of defense against harmful invaders to our bodies. The natural bacteria in our GI track can be killed off and is replaced with pathogenic bacteria, harmful yeasts, viruses and molds.

As our digestion suffers and we begin to bloat, bulge, and ferment the things we eat, it becomes putrified rotting inside us creating toxins and foul smelling gas. This leads to weight and fluid gain as our bodies attempt to deal with these products, which we cannot seem to get rid of no matter how hard we diet.

Are you taking the shotgun approach to vitamins and supplements hoping you will hit the target? Or maybe you use the vitamin of the month method when choosing a supplement. Are you confused when you walk into a health food store and see the great wall of supplements? How about the latest Internet special or something a friend of a friend said worked?

It is difficult to know what supplements your body truly needs without having an educated basis for your choices. Dr. Vastola uses a precision approach utilizing blood lab work that can actually be tested to monitor your results.