There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

"Inspiring patients to transform their health, and begin a path to wellness." - Dr. Vastola

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I tell patients Rigor Mortis is progressive! 

Not using your body creates stiffness

and loss that only you can change.


 The nervous system coordinates and controls every function in the body. The spinal column and muscle system is designed to protect it while providing motion. When this system becomes fixated, stress builds on the nerves, joints, ligaments and muscles, causing spasms, inflammation, stiffness and pain. Nerves react by either increasing their signals (stimulating, painful, stabbing, burning, spasm) or decreasing their signals(inhibiting, cold, numbness, tingling, weakness), each leading to an imbalance in that system. In addition, without the nervous system functioning properly, you cannot expect the benefits of nutrition or any of the other approaches to be utilized to their full potential.

Exercise and Stretching:

We have all heard over and over that exercise is necessary for good health. Our muscles need stretching, exercising and movement every day or they will not function properly. 

Our muscles help with circulation, with moving your food as
it digests, and with helping in the release of endorphins (feel good hormones).

But what exercise plan should you use? 

Dr. Vastola studied animal behavior and never saw an animal in the wild run for hours or in a marathon unless trained by humans. Could they be smarter than us?

In this program, you will learn what exercise methods will work best for you as an individual. Stretching, massage, lymphatic drainage and relaxation methods are also incorporated in your program to insure a balanced approach.