You want to know what feels better than ANY Drug, Drink or Cigarette out there?  NOT feeling like you NEED it to get the FULL enjoyment out of life. I can now enjoy every single moment equally, because I don't need any of those things anymore to fully enjoy my life. I know you know what I'm talking about. If you like to smoke or drink or you have a drug of choice you spend a lot of time waiting for that next high, for that next rush, waiting for the next time you can drink or smoke. Well guess WHAT, if you never do it, you never miss it, and EVERY SINGLE MOMENT becomes one where you can create excitement and enjoyment without ever needing an external substance. Imagine what it would feel like if you could be HIGH ALL THE TIME!! It would be awesome right!?
That's the life I'm living now and I've never felt better about it. 

The choice is really up to YOU;  whichever way you choose, I know you will learn a lot.

One thing I can tell you for certain is this:

"If on your path in life you've managed to run across Doctor Vastola, you have been blessed, and if I were you I would take the opportunity."

​Love, Mike G (Great Neck, NY -2014)

I feel blessed that I met Doctor Vastola when I did. He helped me turn my life in the right direction and helped me to truly see what the impact of my actions was. Listen, I know that it's really easy to be a carefree teenager or young adult -- being young and wild and free and not really caring about your actions -- with the sole purpose of having fun and enjoying yourself. I'm VERY familiar with that feeling…

I know, it's very easy to make the argument that he could have easily seen someone else smoke weed and have gone down the same path regardless... BUT ask yourself this question: Do you want to be someone who is a positive role model for people and generations of your family to come OR do you want to assist in millions of people dying every year from drug overdoses, drinking and smoking? I believe in having FUN; I believe that life should be a JOYOUS experience; I believe that you can achieve ANYTHING that YOU WANT in your life. I can honestly say, that the last two and a half years of my life, have been some of the happiest and most successful years. But I did do drugs and smoke and drink once and you know what... I had some good times and I had some bad times, I don't regret any of it, in fact, I learned a lot about myself, who I am, and how people can influence your life. The only reason I can look back and be happy that I learned what I learned is because I got out of it before anything serious could ever happen to me. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky.

Plus, with drugs one thing leads to the next. One kid could see me smoking weed and decide he wants to try it and the next day he could decide he wants to try cocaine because he doesn't know any better. Then he overdoses on it and dies, is that my responsibility or his? If he never saw me smoking weed he would have never wanted to try cocaine and he would have never overdosed… or would he have anyways?

"Using a Cold Laser, Essential Oils, EFT and more I helped Mike make life changing decisions." - Dr. Vastola

"At the time, I really didn't think they would do much... I mean after all my mindset was: what's a little weed going to do; what's one cigarette a day going to do; if I try this drug just once how could it kill me; and the list goes on... Here's the reality of it: Someone I know, just died… waaay before he should have. And let me tell you, there's nothing like seeing the face of a mother who's son has just died of some kind of drug overdose or something related to that. It was that thought, of what it would be like if my mother had to go to my own funeral, that was the beginning of me reconsidering all of my actions."

I also realized, that whether I liked it or not, there are people in this world who look up to me; whether it's my brother or kids from school or some of my coworkers, someone out there sees me as someone they want to be like. I realized that every single time I took drugs or drank or smoked a cigarette I was sending out a message to all those people that those kinds of things were OK to do. Here's one thing that's very often glossed over... The actions that we take now don't just impact us and the people were around now, they carry on into the future. My argument was: yeah sure I'm drinking and smoking and doing drugs, but I'm RESPONSIBLE about it, I know my limits, so I will never get hurt. Even though I can make an argument that I will always be careful and that I will never get hurt (which on some level is naive because it’s really unpredictable), even then, how do I know that the people that have seen me do it won't take it as an example to go do it on their own? The truth is I DON’T! People will follow in my footsteps, and HOW do I KNOW for SURE that they will be able to be as responsible as I am? It's simple, there's no way to know…

Patients Success Stories in New York

Hey, If you're reading this, chances are you're seeing Doctor Vastola; I want to share my story with you. Right now I am a 21 year old enjoying the heck out of my life. I have very close good friends, great relationships with girls, and I just feel like my life is going places. I’m almost finished with business school and I'm ready to take on the world. But most importantly it's about 2 years and 6 months that I haven't drank, smoked, or done any drugs. Once again I'm 21. I go to clubs and bars all the time, I'm very socially involved and I have a lot of fun. For most young people (I know this because I was one of them), having fun is synonymous with drinking, smoking or doing drugs. I did all of those things. At one point I was drinking, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed and doing various hallucinogenic drugs.
The "something solid" usually consists of a fresh fish filet - poached - or Deitz & Watson free range chicken breast - poached - each (following cooking) laced with lemon juice, celery flakes and light lemon pepper seasoning, accompanied by two cups of spinach laced with grape seed oil and whipped butter, or two cups of broccoli laced with lemon juice, whipped butter, dusted with Parmesan cheese for flavor. 
The improvement in the skin condition of my lower legs has amazed even the skeptics at the Veterans Administration Hospital, who want to know "what are you doing," to which I reply (knowing their predispositioned bias against anything not attached to an Rx) Prayer! Full Stop! That stops them cold - and makes them think - humm, could there be something to all this ... Prayer? Hope springs eternal.
Now, I am back on "the yellow brick road to wellness and restoration," thanks to you, Dr.Vastola, and Prayer... lots of Prayer! Praise the Lord - praise His name. "A merry heart does good like a medicine." - Richard H. Manchester, VT

If you are over 80 and think it is too late to do anything for your health... ​Think again!

Dear Dr. Vastola After you performed a complete blood work analysis, I have been following your recommendations for me. 
​Because of what I had "stored" in my physical body, I don't require as much food bulk since I started juicing an entire large bunch of celery (yield 2 cups) every other day. I began drinking one or two 18oz. tumblers of Barley reen drink (Dr. Hagiwara) on alternate days, so that I no longer feel hungry throughout the day. I must remind myself to eat something "solid" because I do need some bulk each day.

I have now lost 35+ pounds. My BP has "gone" from 140/75 to 115/56 (yesterday). Hematuria has disappeared!

Amazing improvement in my condition!

"I hope that no one is diagnosed with cancer but if at some moment you are, I suggest that you contact Dr. Vastola.
I assure you that he will always be at you side with professionalism, knowledge and compassion."

Now I can say that my body
has returned to 100% function!​

I told them it was all because of Dr. Vastola’s care. ​Once the chemotherapy and radiation finished, Dr. Vastola began the detoxification of my body through nutrition and detoxifiers.
Dr Vastola uses an integrative approach combining treatments to obtain the best results. Dr. Gong, an acupuncturist from China and personal friend of his, forms a team with him that carries out daily sessions of acupuncture. The treatments were not only curative, but very relaxing as well. Later I had Asian massage and Multiple Sauna treatments at a Korean spa. Dr. Vastola guided me toward specific saunas while simultaneously applying chiropractic, and cranoi-sacral treatments. It’s something that can’t be described, only felt. Our conversations were long and curative. He guided me to make many decisions about the treatment that I would take to combat the cancer. I knew that I had a number of options: Chemotherapy and radiation or the natural form with the help of his fantastic medical team using them in combination or alone. His words were, “You have to make a decision, and whichever you choose you should be sure that it is the right one for you. The decision should be made with your heart.” It was not an easy decision to make but after several days and a lot of prayer, I decided that a combination of the two options would be best for me.
During the conventional treatment for the cancer, Dr Vastola was always available to me with his phone calls. He always had suggestions about supplements that would help me and, above all, he always gave me the spiritual strength to continue and to know that each day that passed was a victory. The traditional doctors don’t normally do the blood exam, CA 27/29 that measures the cancer, which Dr. Vastola ordered. It gave me a lot of peace the day he told me the results showed “There are no cancerous cells in your body”!

My doctors and nurses at Dartmouth were so impressed with how I did through all their therapies. They stated that I responded the best they have ever seen without any side effects.

They were especially impressed that I did not get any radiation burns.

I can say without question that Dr. Lou was able to identify my type of
personality, important information for him and for me. He used it to show me how to work day to day with less stress and how to get along with people with different personalities. He explained how this kind of stress could also make me sick and prolong healing. The emotional part was completely curative, restorative and full of value, energy and will to fight. Whenever I am with Dr. Vastola, I feel closer to God and I learn so much from him. Dr. Lou teaches me about the deep love of God that is a strong energy, the road to the truth and to life.

My husband Chris, our daughter Melissa and I went to New York where Dr. Lou and Ome his wife greeted us with a smile that said,
​“You’re going to be okay”.

Dr. Vastola first ordered complete blood work and in that way he was able to better understand what was happening in my body: organ functions, vitamin levels, general state of health. He sent the results to his computers and got a complete report about the problems in my body.

Dr. Vastola explained to me what he saw in each of the results, such as organ functions, and what I should do to correct the imbalance, the lack of certain vitamins and the accumulation of chemicals.

In the written guide that he gave me I was able to read information about blood health, Health and Wellness Strategies, diet and lifestyle, including supportive foods, foods to avoid or limit and food charts. In general, it was a series of information to recover my health through nutrition.


Maria N. - Manchester Vermont - 6/2/2011
"A year ago I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I then began the
internal battle. I didn’t give in to thinking that at some point I would have to
abandon this life to which I really wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

In one day everything changed. My friend Dr. Louis Vastola offered me his help,
which came at a precise moment where I was in a crisis of fear and sadness.

​What type of help was it?

Read about one woman's journey as she battled with cancer.
She is now 100% cancer free:

There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

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