Seven Pillars of Wellness Alternative Healthcare

This is the cornerstone of building and repairing  your body.

Using your blood
work as a guide and score card we monitor and track your progress.​

Today the world we live in is  the most polluted environment ever experienced by man.

We can make a plan for reducing and removing toxins safely once your body is strong enough to spare the energy necessary for cleansing. Find out my tips for repairing, rebuilding, restoring and rejuvenating your body.


There is a Physical - Emotional  - Mental -and Spiritual  reason for your condition.  

This is an important signal that your body is in trouble as these systems get out of balance.

It is the key to maintaing health,  youthful healing and vitality to enjoy life.

The Seven Pillars of Wellness

"Inspiring patients to transform their health, and begin a path to wellness." - Dr. Vastola

This determines how well your nervous system communicates and maintains optimum adaptation to the stress in your life.

​​Your Structure Determines your Function.
Are you waisting your energy on poor posture, spastic or cramping muscles, and tension on joints all causing pain and inflammation?

Ignored by the modern health care system until the last moments of our lives.

This helps us  understand our path in life, the challenges and victories we experience, as we find our purpose. It gives us the faith and hope necessary to rise above adversity and be transformed by it.

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Almost completely ignored by our current health care system, we are living in an EMF Smog today adversely affecting our cells, organs and systems.

This unseen force interferes with the functioning of our bodies and needs to be dissipated safely.


They say that 85% of all illnesses start here.

Feelings buried alive never die, the energetic attachments we have to trauma cost us and create stress in our organs and tissue. The energy you project is what you attract. If you are interested in changing your life start here.